Tuesday Night Comedy


What to do on a Tuesday night when it’s -30C degrees? Grab a drink, curl up on the couch and tune in to New Girl at 9pm followed by The Mindy Project at 9:30pm.  These two sitcoms make my Tuesday night.  Granted, I know a lot of us are ‘over’ the genre (what do people see in The Big Bang Theory?!) and both of these are sitcoms in their truest form:  22 minutes of quirky characters finding themselves in compromising predicaments; but that doesn’t preclude them from being funny.  In fact, they feature two of the funniest people on television in Golden Globe and Emmy nominee Max Greenfield as New Girl’s Schmidt and the eponymous Mindy Kaling.  Here’s a tidbit about both but there’s no real point in critiquing them because a) I enjoy them for what they are: laugh out loud (literally…) funny and b) I’ll let the material speak for itself.

New Girl (2011 – )

Created by: Elizabeth Meriwether
Starring: Zooey Deschanel, Max Greenfield, Hannah Simone, Lamorne Morris, Jake Johnson

IMDB: 7.9/10
Airs:  Fox, CityTV Tuesday, 9pm.

Video courtesy of cooooourtneyy
**These clips don’t even include Season 2’s ‘drum roll’, ‘rebranding party’, ‘Halloween headbutt’,  ‘stripper dance’ or, of course, the ‘Douche Bag Jar’.

The Mindy Project (2012 – )

Created by: Mindy Kaling
Starring: Mindy Kaling, Chris Messina and Ed Weeks

IMDB: 6.4/10
Airs:  Fox, CityTV Tuesday, 9:30pm.

My rating: The writing and casting are far better in New Girl but Mindy Kaling may be the funniest woman on TV at the moment.