Suits (2011-)

suits banner
Creator: Aaron Korsh
Starring: Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams, Rick Hoffman, Meghan Markle, Sarah Rafferty and Gina Torres.

Oh Suits how I miss you when you’re not on TV.  In its second season, this USA network series (or Bravo for us Canucks) is easily my favourite legal drama in a few years.  The pretext isn’t standard fair but it isn’t original either: an unbeatable lawyer hires a genius renegade kid as his intern, and though he never went to law school he is masqueraded as a Harvard Law graduate. Together, Mike Ross the kid with the big heart and Harvey Spector, the wild card with the big ego, form a dynamic duo rife with super-hero wit.

What I like: The courtroom is never the focus of each episode.  The cases are prominent but it is watching the minds of these two eccentric and exceptional individuals, Ross and Spector (played with warmth and energy by Patrick J. Adams and subtle depth by Gabriel Macht respectively), that is the real draw.  Their rhythmic banter doesn’t hurt either, which is not just an adjunct but actually offers real insight into the characters.  The supporting cast is equally engaging starting with the villainous Louis Litt, played with brilliant humility, aggravation and self-conscious scheming by Rick Hoffman.  Sarah Rafferty plays Harvey’s assistant Donna with contagious confidence and the matriarch of the firm, Jessica Pearson, is played with elegance and cunning by Gina Torres.  Despite its levity, for me, the writing and casting are near flawless.

What I don’t like: At some point during the show Donna’s cleavage became more important than her character.  At times everything fits together too perfectly, the clothes, the looks, the gorgeous people, the dialogue, the crimes but I recognize that this isn’t exactly Law & Order.

My rating: You have time to catch up while I count the days ‘til this mid-season hiatus is over.  Do it!

Metacritic: Season 1: 60%, Season 2: 73%

IMDB: 8.9

Post Season 2 Notes:  Great news, Season 2 did not disappoint! The final four episodes were some of the best I’ve seen.  On a sad note, Suits has come to a close all too soon and we will have to wait until summer for Season 3 to start.  Boooo!