Oscars 2013


A final note on the 2013 Academy Awards since this was the first year where I made a real effort to watch as many contenders as I could possibly fit into my schedule and I somehow felt invested in the outcome (well, I always do but usually because of my sentimentality for the actor rather than their performance).  As always, the show offered some surprises, some givens and some shockers.  Daniel Day-Lewis and Christoph Walz both had my vote for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor respectively.  Jennifer Lawrence, for Best Actress, however did not.  Not even close.  But she is Hollywood’s it girl and she can’t be blamed for that, can she?

I was also happy to see Ang Lee rewarded as Best Director for his artistic vision in Life of Pi; but was disappointed to see Argo win Best Film as it didn’t come close to some of the other nominees that might have made it a tight race.  The Academy’s sentimentality for Ben and George got in the way of this one.

I will not delve into the ‘Seth Macfarlane’ controversy but suffice it to say that I was rooting for him and thought he was witty and irreverent and no apologies should be necessary.

With the Oscars still in my thoughts, my post-Academy coverage starts with a film that I felt was overlooked in the Best Picture and Acting categories.  Enjoy!