Small Screen is the New Big Screen

aka the Top Ten Television Shows you should be watching if you want to hang by the water cooler.

tv dramas

So, what is good TV?  Of course it’s subjective (my guilty pleasures aren’t on this list), but here are by far the most hyped, most talked about, most must-see, if you will, television dramas I have come across over the last few months; if the box office suffers this summer, the studios can blame these shows.  This kicks-off Ten Posts in Ten Days.

10. Downton Abbey


Now awaiting its 4th season, Downton Abbey is a mix of sophistication, drama, wit, performance and dialogue.  Set in 1912, the show follows the day-to-day life of a titled family and their serving staff all living at Lord Robert Grantham’s estate, Downton Abbey.  Consider it Gosford Park without the murder.

Rating:  The first season is a masterpiece, the second two have yet to measure up.

IMDb: 8.7         metacritic: 92%


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