The Heat (2013)


Directed by:  Paul Feig
Written by:  Katie Dippold
Starring: Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, Demian Bichir, Marlon Wayans, Michael Rapaport, Jane Curtin, Spoken Reasons, Taran Killam and Bill Burr.

I love Melissa McCarthy.  From her turn in Bridesmaids, to her two hilarious gigs hosting SNL, McCarthy had me in stitches.  Admittedly, I shied away from Identity Thief certain I would be disappointed (even though I love the cast) by the excessive slapstick shtick that I assumed would substitute for storytelling (the reviews lead me to believe I was right to avoid it).  With The Heat, I was unsure.  I give credit to the preview for not spoiling the movie’s funniest moments, but at the same time I felt it protected its jokes by solely promoting its cast; so much so that I had little desire to see another buddy cop flick about two mismatched cops forced to work together and take down a drug lord, in what looked like a carbon copy of everything that came before.   I’m happy to report, I was not disappointed.

What I liked:  McCarthy is hilarious, and arguably carries the movie, as the foul-mouthed, salt-of-the-earth cop who enjoys the misfortunes of others.  Bullock is perfect as the FBI agent and McCarthy’s uptight foil.  I commend her for downplaying her role enough to give McCarthy the spotlight, in fact, I found it made her funnier.  The two have great on-screen chemistry and it’s no wonder a second movie is already in the works.

What I didn’t like:  There is nothing new here other than unique performances.  As I expected, the movie is a carbon copy of everything that came before.  What makes it funny is that this time around the two mismatched cops are women, which offers a spectrum of reinvented jokes about the same tired scenarios.   The story takes a back seat to the slap stick humour but Bullock, a seasoned vet at this type of comedy, and McCarthy deftly endear  us to their characters.  I was also disappointed by the limited screen time for the supporting cast which could have been very funny.

Not to be missed: McCarthy’s scene with Buster Bluth (Tony Hale). Priceless.

My rating:  Women cops are funny.

IMDb: 7.1    tomato: 63%

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